Contemporary Oak Dining Table | VIRGINIA
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Contemporary Oak Dining Table | VIRGINIA

About This Project

Indulge in a touch of class with our eye-catching Virginia oak dining table.

This bold statement piece is ideal for contemporary homes, or more timeless interiors.

The warming tones of the darker wood create a soothing effect, combining luxury and elegance with the natural world.

Each Virginia dark oak dining table is handmade using sustainable and locally-sourced oak.

Crafted in-house by our expert furniture makers, the smoked oak table is constructed from Prime Grade wood. This ensures a clean, immaculate finish, with no knots or blemishes.

A special manufacturing process is used to fume the oak, circulating and permeating the wood. This causes a reaction with the tannin in the wood, causing it to darken; enhancing and drawing out the rich detail of the grain.

For all of its elegance, the table is also a functional addition to the home. Benefiting from the traditional characteristics of oak, it is a hard-wearing, firm, and robust solid wood table, which can be enjoyed for generations.